Do you often travel long distances, or have to visit various job sites throughout the day?
Read here to learn what an auxiliary fuel tank is and its benefits.

Long hauls and trips can be demanding. Staying fed and safe is one side of things. Keeping your truck fueled on long, desolate roads is an even more important piece of the puzzle. An auxiliary fuel tank will make longer distances a breeze.

An extra tank of fuel can save you from running out of fuel at the worst of times. And it can make your life easier by reducing the number of stops you have to make. And letting you choose when and where to stop.

It can allow you to be more selective with gas stations, while still avoiding detours.

Auxiliary fuel tanks are a great way to maintain good fuel levels without effort.

This article will show you just how much an extra fuel tank will help you.

What is an Auxiliary Fuel Tank?

Auxiliary tanks are installed and connected directly to your stock tank. Some models have a small 12-volt pump while others are gravity-fed.

Most types come with a shut-off valve to let you stop the tank from feeding your main tank as needed or desired. For example, if you suspect there's a leak.

Gravity-fed auxiliary tank systems keep refilling your main tank as long as there's fuel in the auxiliary. You won't notice any reduction in your main tank until the auxiliary is empty.

Electrical pump systems often come with a switch in the truck. You flip this switch to refill the stock tank when you see fit. This can make it easier to keep track of how much fuel you have.

These systems need a fuel return line for safety though. Otherwise, you can overfill your tanks if you forget to turn the feed off when full.

History of Auxiliary Tanks

These tanks were first developed in the 30s. They were used to refuel fighter planes in the air during the Spanish civil war. The extra airtime gave a significant advantage.

The big breakthrough came with World war II. Auxiliary tanks were an important element of the Germans' mobile offense tactics. This new strategy of quick, mobile warfare gave them a huge advantage and revolutionized modern warfare.

Toward the end of the war, the American army adopted this new technology. Over the decades, this slowly gave rise to the incredible airforces that made America a true superpower.

Of course, auxiliary fuel tank technology has spread far beyond military use. When your factory tank isn't enough for extended driving or towing on its own, this is your best solution.

You can extend the range of any truck with one of these tanks.

Main Benefits of an Auxiliary Fuel Tank

Increasing the distance you can cover will have more benefits than what's immediately obvious.

You can choose better and cheaper gas stations without unnecessary detours. And it's a lot safer and more convenient than using plastic fuel containers.

Many designs even come with a place to store your tools.

Economic Benefits of Auxiliary Tanks

The ability to cover longer distances between gas stations lets you be pickier. You'll be more flexible about when and where to restock, so you can choose the best option.

Remote gas stations tend to make bank on the local need and lack of competition. With an auxiliary tank, you can avoid these stations and their shameless, hiked up prices.

You'll have an even easier time with the help of good smartphone apps. Gas price comparison apps help you find the cheapest option close to you. And you can use an app to locate your favored franchise to get discounts and loyalty deals.

Longer fuel range gives you the power of choice. There's a lot of money to save.

Auxiliary Fuel Tank Safety

Since you'll be carrying up to multiple times as much fuel, the question of safety may come to mind. A quality auxiliary tank installed by a professional is perfectly safe.

Our auxiliary tanks and tank/toolbox combinations are made from high-quality, heavy-duty materials. They meet official safety requirements of combustible fuel tanks.

Traveling with plastic containers of extra fuel isn't a good idea. Strapping them down in the truck bed can lead to accidents and lost or spilled tanks. There's also the risk of theft.

Keeping a tank in the vehicle with you is even worse. The fumes can cause a lot of health issues, and make your driving worse.

Having your extra fuel stored in a proper tank, secured in a good place is much safer in every regard. Allow yourself the peace of mind with proper fuel storage.

Convenience of Auxiliary Tanks

The vast number of miles you can cover with an auxiliary fuel tank will make your truck driving easier. And more enjoyable.

Do you recognize this story?

You try to bring a heavy load to the next city or state, and forget to account for the higher fuel consumption.

You run out of fuel. Perhaps you brought extra time, and pull aside to refuel. But even then, you run out again. So you have to stop at some rural gas station and buy overpriced fuel. And this adds an hour to your travel time.

With an auxiliary fuel tank, you could have avoided all of that. You could just flip that switch when you got close to E. Or let gravity keep you at F for miles and miles. No need to refuel manually.

You can also use auxiliary tanks for all sorts of things. Hook your tank up to your generator and keep it running longer. They also make a perfect addition to your motorcycle, boat, ATV, or other recreational vehicles.

Not only can you have more recreation at a time. You can also avoid the fuel price gouges around recreational areas.

Pick an Auxiliary Fuel Tank

There's a range of different brands and models to choose between. They're available in different sizes and materials.

There are also fuel tank/toolbox combination options.

You don't just get more fuel storage and increased distance between stops. It covers most or all of your storage needs in one convenient unit.

Keep your tow straps, cords, and chains organized together with any other tools you need. Without wasting space in the vehicle or on the bed. If your trip involves tasks that call for tools, this is even better.

Anything you need to repair your vehicle and do maintenance can come along if you have one of these.

Take a look at our stock here.

This is how you install your tank.

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